SKY SPORTS F1 - Concept Frames

Sky Sports F1 - Pitch Frames
Some style frames created for the Sky Sports F1 title sequence.
Order & Chaos - This direction explores the two juxtaposing worlds of Formula 1 - Order & Chaos, technical precision and raw energy combined in an exhilarating sequence. Consisting of visually rich hyper real CG, bold compositions and projected typography, this sequence builds in pace and action immersing the audience into what they can expect to see in the show that follows.
It is the synergy between these two worlds that is the very essence of F1. On the one side there is the beautiful precision and clinical control of everything that comes before the race. The endless testing and minute detail that goes into building and preparing the car contrasting so completely against
the sheer speed, extreme raw energy and seeming chaotic madness of the race itself.