Creative Director - Territory Studio




The latest addition to the franchise, Men in Black: International, brings us back to the familiar feel of the previous movies with a twist; new agents and a mole in the organisation...

We worked closely with the Art and VFX Departments, providing our motion graphics expertise to help create the futuristic overtones across key environments; from HoloTech for the beautiful Art Deco HQ, to interior controls for the Agent's Lexus. Beginning with concepts for the art department, we worked closely with Production Designer, Charles Wood and VFX Supervisor Jerome Chen to create graphic packages for various sets, including UI, 3D and holographic enhancements in post, as well as post-viz.

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Produced at Territory StudioVFX Supervisor - Simon CarrCreative Director - Andrew PopplestoneExecutive Producer - Tom McLoughlin
Producer - Ashton HertzLead Artist - Ferdinando SpagnoloArtists -
Duncan Tune, Lorenzo Miglietta, Marcos Fernandes, Alex Blomeley, Alexandros Gotsis, Gordon Spurs,
Nawaz Alamgir, Dan Herlihy, Raoul Paulet, Daniel Harries, Daniel Hojlund, Marco Gifuni, Roman Bugrov
Compositors -
Ben Hicks, Reiss Shafique, James Rose, James Wong