Director - Andrew Popplestone

HEAD Creative Director - Gion-Men Kruegel - Hanna

Sound Design - Ryan Twyman

Produced at HEAD Design & Innovation Lab

Promo for the HEAD World Cup Rebels team. An elite team of extreme skiers at the very top of their game. These are athletes that are missing the 'fear gene' that most normal people have. So we asked ourselves 'What does it feel like to race down a mountain at 60mph on nothing but a pair of skis?' and 'what does it take for a person to be able to do that?'.

So we created an intense, heart-thumping roller-coaster ride speeding down the mountainside from the POV of the skier. In an abstract graphic world designed to capture the absolute rush that the athletes feel and the intense dedication and tunnel-vision like focus required to simply stay alive.

Check out the Rebels here: