In 2017, Territory Studio was asked by Production Designer Sarah Greenwood to create concept designs for the movie 'Bride Of Frankenstein'. Sarah asked us to conceive of a new kind of medical technology designed to monitor the biological systems of the main character. We explored how we could create a dark, organic aesthetic that has a fundamentally physically quality yet is still a highly sophisticated next-gen technology. We wanted to combine beautiful, abstract, clean graphical language with the natural, organic (at times quite horrific) aesthetic of flesh, intracellular, cross section body style imagery.Massive props to the talents of Mert Kizilay and Sam Munnings on this one. Sadly, the film was ultimately cancelled by, but we had fun all the same. Produced at Territory StudioCreative Director - Andrew PopplestoneCG Artists/Designers - Mert Kizilay & Sam Munnings

Creative Director - Andrew Popplestone
CG Artists and Designers - Mert Kizilay & Sam Munnings