Creative Director - Territory Studio




As Creative Director at Territory Studio I had the pleasure of leading the team of fantastic artists for this project. Coming on board this exciting military ops thriller in pre-production, Territory was briefed to plan, concept, design and animate screen graphic content for on-set and VFX delivery. A contemporary story, we researched current ‘real world’ surveillance systems, operating systems and UI to ensure that our screen graphics supported plot and performance. Conscious of the sensitivities around the genre, the team was committed to authenticity at every level of the design. Restraint, subtlety, depth of thought and a strong aesthetic are all cued into the typography, visuals and graphic story beats. Working closely with both the art department and VFX Supervisor, we delivered over 170 final screens across 22 sets.

Produced at Territory Studio
Creative Director - Andrew Popplestone
Producer - Gen McMahon
Lead Designer - Jay Dingle
Design & Animation - Yugen Blake, Daniel Hojlund, Alasdair Willson, Peter Eszenyi