As Creative Director at Territory Studio leading our incredible team of artists we were approached in post with a brief to provide design expertise for technology and UI concepts, and create 3D assets for the film's cityscape and street scenes, Territory worked closely with the VFX Supervisors to articulate the holographic language of this futuristic world.
Our concept development explored the relationship of form and function with design and aesthetics. We developed various creative routes for how holographic content and interaction can exist in a futuristic context; how organic qualities and behaviours could be applied to digital technology; how subtle cultural textures could contribute to story, character and form; and we researched the aesthetics of how virtual content can form, transition and occupy space.

Produced at Territory Studio

Creative Director - Andrew Popplestone
CG Supervisor - Peter Eszenyi
Producer - Gen McMahon
Lead Artist - Sam Munnings
CG Artists - Anthony De Connick, Yugen Blake, Ryan Close, Nik Hill, Pedro Cyrne, Julio Dean, Mantas Grigaitas, Sam Cisternino
Compositors: Roman Bugrov, Billie Vine, Patrick Wong